Co-Creative Living Foundation

Emerald Grove Eco-village

The Co-Creative Living Foundation is proud to present a newly developing sustainable eco-village to be located in Eugene, Oregon.  Currently our eco-village is in the planning phase which means there is a lot to do!  Our community is just forming as we find our path to building a small village for the first time.

The Eco-Village

     Emerald Grove will be constructed according to sacred geometrical principles.  Each area within the village will align with the ten points of the Tree of Life.  Using sacred geometry we will create a peaceful energetic environment as the foundation for our home.  The residential section will consist of two main areas, named Samana and Laurel Points for their location on the triangle shape found within the Tree of Life.

The Luminarium Healing Apex is to be located at the bottom point of this triangle.  This will be our community healing space in which residents and guests may offer healing work to others including members of the surrounding community and world at large.  Healing work will be available to all regardless of ability to pay.  It is our goal to assist humanity in raising its vibration and thereby empowering people to thrive and follow their passions.

Samana Point

     Samana Point is a community of women choosing to live in the company of other women in an effort to develop deeper self-love, high self esteem, and authentic power.  They are light workers, or those that feel a calling to assist others on the path of conscious evolution.  Samana Point is a place where one can truly focus on oneself and be supported by a network of others who share this journey.   By doing the inner work and healing oneself, she is then better able to pursue a life of service to others.

Visit the Samana Point website for more details.

Laurel Point

    Laurel Point is the co-ed section of Emerald Grove.  Here, residents focus on attaining good health using a variety of lifestyle changes including eating an alkaline diet, exercising, enjoying humor and living in community.  People are invited to come here and learn from our residents about sustainable living, organic gardening, healthy gourmet cooking, animal husbandry, and fun new ways to exercise.   Retreats will be available for those who wish to embark on an intensive lifestyle upgrade, whether they already have a diagnosis or simply wish to improve their quality of life.

Visit Emerald Grove on Facebook for more details